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Market trend of POE power supply switch industry

Release date:2017-07-27 Author:华明威视通讯 Click:

POE power supply exchange market has caused a lot of impact. In recent years, with the development of Ethernet. Some even predict that the POE power switch will gradually be replaced by the monitoring industry. In this regard, Wen Zong believes that, as far as the current situation is, this statement is still too early and is very confident in the future of the POE power supply switch, and even if it is to be replaced, it will take a certain amount of time, a process.


However, judging from the new POE Power Exchange listed this year, the cost of products has not increased, but the quality of the products has been greatly improved. Therefore, under the pressure of market competition, POE power supply switchboard is also possible to achieve new breakthroughs and overcome more defects than Ethernet. In the video and optical terminal products, the development of Ethernet optical terminal is still the main goal, and strive to maximize the "customer interest". At the same time, high-definition network video optical terminals are also developing in recent years, and the future market is promising. So it's too early to say that the end machine will be eliminated. Indeed, in recent years, market demand for analog cameras is decreasing. Ethernet has been developing rapidly with the advantages of convenient installation, simple maintenance and low cost. At the same time, different types and ways of using optical terminals are different. For example, for the construction of Ethernet passive optical network, the optical terminal based on EPON technology has also begun to be valued by the manufacturers. This product can reduce the cost of the large capacity front-end video access project. The integrated service full digital optical transmission and exchange system can well solve the requirements of multilevel transmission / exchange and management. It is a new technology platform for the development of POE power supply switch technology.

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