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Various types of video optical terminals, PCM telephone optical terminals, and data optical terminals.

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The video end machine, PCM telephone terminal machine and the data optical terminal are used in a series of advanced digital technologies, such as high speed DSP, FPGA and CPLD, so as to avoid the shortcomings of analog FM, phase modulation and amplitude modulation optical terminals, which are easy to produce intermodulation distortion interference, image and control data crosstalk, and the product performance is easily affected by environmental factors. All the products are equipped with industrial chip, full surface mounting, and advanced switching power supply and electromagnetic radiation protection technology, which ensure that the product can ensure the continuous operation of a long time in a variety of complex environment (for example: - 35 C to 70 C outdoor environment, power plant and so on). The full digital uncompressed transmission technology of video is used to ensure that the video signal is sent to remote transmission without damage, and the baseband bandwidth of the video signal is more than 8MHZ. No matter how complex the optical transmission link is, the digital optical transceiver has the ability to ensure the transmission of high quality audio and video signals.

The optical terminal equipment can be equipped with video, audio, data, Ethernet, telephone, switch quantity and other functions, a light end machine combined with 4 way two-way video 4 way two-way audio 1 way reverse RS485 data 1 road network port, multi service optical terminal can take into account a number of functions, still run unmistakable.

The uncompressed digital video optical terminal uses a full digital optical transmission mode, transmitting more than 100 channels of non compressed video, stereo audio, and more than 100 channels or low speed streams on one core fiber.

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