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Three kinds of connection mode of optical fiber transceiver

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POE power supply switch fiber transceiver mainly has several basic connections: the user access system uses 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive and 10Mbps/100Mbps automatic conversion functions, can connect any user terminal equipment, without the need to prepare a variety of fiber transceivers, can provide a smooth upgrade scheme for the network. At the same time, using half duplex / full duplex adaptive and half duplex / full duplex automatic conversion function, cheap half duplex HUB can be configured at the user side, and the cost of networking is reduced dozens of times, and the competitiveness of network operators can be improved. At the same time, the built-in switching core of the device improves the transmission efficiency of the access device, reduces network broadcasting, controls traffic, and detects transmission failures.

The ring backbone network and the ring backbone network are the backbone of the metropolitan area using the SPANNINGTREE characteristics. This structure can be transformed into a network structure. It is suitable for the high density Central District of the metropolitan area and forms the core backbone network of fault-tolerant. The support of ring backbone network for IEEE.1Q and ISL network characteristics can be guaranteed to be compatible with most mainstream backbone networks.


Such as the VLAN, TRUNK and other functions of the cross switch. The ring backbone network can build broadband virtual private network for financial, government and education industries. Chain shaped backbone can save a large amount of backbone light by chain connection. It is suitable for building a backbone network with high bandwidth and low price at the edge of the city and the suburban area. This model can also be used in the environment of expressway, oil transmission and transmission lines. The support of the backbone network to the characteristics of IEEE802.1Q and ISL network can guarantee the compatibility of the vast majority of backbone networks, and can form a broadband virtual special network for finance, government, education and other industries. Chain backbone network is a multimedia network that can provide integrated transmission of image, voice, data and real-time monitoring.

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