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The PCM telephone terminal market is still developing at a high speed

Release date:2017-08-21 Author:华明威视通讯 Click:

Although the optical terminals are small, they have great responsibilities. Many owners realize this and insist on using high quality imported products in large projects. PCM telephone terminal market is still in high speed development, the mainstream manufacturers are forming, the project has more experts type owners and responsible integrators, the pace of development is not a small disorder can be blocked. In fact, some counterfeiters are not inferior in quality, and the products are competitive. There is no need for them to accuse them with indignation. Companies with problems have two years to choose, continue to fake, sit back and die, or turn around and develop independently. We may as well be calm and dispassionate, and do the research and marketing with ease. The confusion in the market will allow time to slow down. The domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property have gradually come to the fore, the brand awareness and reputation are increasing, and the domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property have gradually come to the fore, and the reputation and reputation of the brand are increasing, and the level of the enterprise lies in the integration of technology and technology.

Now, the packaging and testing technology of domestic and foreign products have been very close, the stability of the whole process has no difference, in some parts such as the chassis, printed circuit board and so on, even more than the foreign level. It is worthwhile to advocate learning and using advanced technology, improving and improving the quality and function of products. True gold does not fear fire. Entrepreneurs said that as long as they do well in product quality and cost control, enhance R & D strength and play the advantage of customized services, they will not be afraid of unfair competition. Some entrepreneurs say that sales will double next year, and the overall market trend is going up.

With respect to the market, it will make a choice. The chaos in the market is temporary, not long. Now, fake and shoddy products in the market have been showing more and more confidence. I believe that the problem of these products will break out within 2 years. In the face of fact, users will soon mature, and the survival space of fake and shoddy products will be very narrow.

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