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High definition audio and video remote monitoring network system

Release date:2017-08-21 Author:华明威视通讯 Click:

In the POE power supply switch industry, the network video monitoring system includes the front-end video acquisition equipment and the network video codec, as well as the back end monitoring and receiving client software. The former is installed in the main monitoring points of the enterprise to carry out signal acquisition and transmission, the latter is mainly installed on the monitoring center desktop at all levels of management departments, and the two are authorized by the platform management center system between them, and the real-time monitoring and management of multi point to multi point of the front end video points is carried out. Such as video, cloud platform, magnification, video, voice, alarm linkage and other functions, the users with management authority can also set, download, real-time video on demand and video on any point. The system can also be monitored through the PC browser. From the above, we can see that the network monitoring system uses a surveillance camera to monitor the video spots of enterprises for 24 hours in real time. For some key video points, the video detection and alarm functions can be started. The system automatically identifies and triggers the image based on the image movement, and performs video recording (with a pre recording mechanism, the pre recording length is more than 20 seconds in advance); meanwhile, the system sends real-time data, such as image, sound, and alarm to the relevant management agencies. The monitor center computer desktop, the manager can switch the video of any monitoring point at random through local monitoring, remote IE monitoring, WEB web page client and so on. It can intuitively understand and master the real-time situation of each video monitoring point in the enterprise, so as to achieve timely and accurate supervision on it. 2 system advantages and characteristics 1) unified standard, centralized management, distribution structure, regional authorization

Using the powerful Hass 3511 chip, combined with high performance operating system and audio and video compression algorithm, the fluency and clarity of the image transmission can reach a higher level. At the same time, the two bit stream is supported, and a variety of interfaces can support the powerful extension function to meet your higher demand; it has a built-in WEB server and can enhance the tradition. Surveillance department. In the traditional remote image monitoring system, the optical cable is usually laid between the monitoring point and the monitoring center as the transmission channel. The optical cable at both ends of the optical cable is used as a video signal conversion device. It is a "mode conversion" process. The monitoring center then compiles the analog signals into digital signals by coding. . Based on this traditional way, the system construction cost and the network usage fee are very expensive, and the system maintenance and management are very inconvenient. Therefore, according to the document instruction spirit of the Ministry of public security, under the premise of satisfying the relevant functional requirements, the system adopts the perfect combination of the most advanced network transmission technology in the world and the H.264 video compression technology at present. This technology is built on the network IPV4/IPV6 protocol. It is a standard and universal network protocol, completely overcome. The traditional analog monitoring system has many defects, and its functions and performance are better. Users only need to install a ADSL broadband, access to the "network video server", make full use of the existing network system, do not need to buy hard disk VCR, screen splitter, video signal amplifier and other main equipment, and can carry on the transmission control through remote, and the effect is smooth, the image is clear, stable and large. It saves users' investment and easily realizes multi-level centralized management.

It also provides network connectivity, confidentiality and reliability for releasing surveillance images on a secure LAN or Internet. 3), the network monitoring system uses the distributed open architecture to make use of the original IP network as far as possible, reduce the cost of cable laying and maintenance, and use the economical and reliable IP equipment to realize the flexible connection digital solution. At the same time, it solves the storage space of infinite hardware, supports multi-level central monitoring, and is not restricted by geography. The system design technology is advanced, mature, practical, product selection standard, standard; 5), system installation operation, maintenance cost is low, long service life, safe and reliable.

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