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Solutions for transmission of POE power supply switch

Release date:2017-12-19 Author:MR PAN Click:


       From the technical point of view, the existing transmission equipment can fully meet the needs of the development of the current video technology.

However, because of the need to adapt to multi-purpose, POE power switches with professional stability are also more important. Because, most of the professional audio-visual engineering.



In all fields, it plays an important role in the large screen display system as an information accurate, convenient, efficient, beautiful and practical information display system all over the corners of our production and life.

Security, transportation, coal, electricity, scheduling control and other areas of video display have a high degree of dependence, and more and more emerging industries, because of the large screen display technology and the progress of related equipment in the system constantly change.

In these systems engineering, in addition to the large screen display device itself, the transmission and control of the signal is also a core work in the large screen system, which has the most direct impact on the quality of the presented video. Because any signal source needs to transmit signals through transmission equipment.

With the advent of the 4K era, professional AV engineering is also developing towards a more high-definition application, and the resulting data will become more and more large, and therefore, higher requirements for transmission are put forward. In a system, all kinds of signal formats such as analog, digital, standard, high definition and 4K are coexisting at the same time. The old is still in the new layer, making the transmission of the signal more and more complex, so there are more and more POE power supply switch manufacturers dealing with signal transmission such as splicing, processing, fusion, control and other signals. All links in the transmission process are organically integrated into a device or platform.

There are two important reasons for this: first, more and more complex systems, more and more requirements for the type and function of the signal. The single device is difficult to meet the demand. The integrated product can not only simplify the system, but also save the expense for the users: first, the market competition is fierce, the homogenization is becoming more and more serious, and the signal processing is more and more serious. Manufacturers must integrate innovation and provide platform solutions with better user experience to achieve greater development.

At present, almost all manufacturers in the signal transmission processing market are heading in this direction to see who is more characteristic and more humane. Like a card matrix with splicing and blending functions, anyone who has a better application experience is likely to occupy a larger market. When homogenization is becoming more and more serious, the experience will become an important selling point. This principle is not only adapted to the general consumer products, but also adapts to the signal transmission processing products.

Today, the transmission vendors have been able to provide high bandwidth transmission solutions for 4K, and the existing transmission devices are technically competent for the current demand for video technology. However, because of the need to adapt to multiple purposes, products with professional stability are also more important. Because most of the professional audio-visual engineering plays an important role in all fields. In the power industry, the dispatching automation system of large screen power grid is an important means to ensure the safety, quality and economy of the power grid, and to improve the management level of the power grid operation. It is an important basis for the automation of power production and the modernization of management. In the communication industry, the application of the number of words to display the splice wall system can be operated. The multi network provides comprehensive management and high-definition large scale display so that it has a simple and high intelligent control system. In the transportation industry, the large screen control center, as the Department of the management and maintenance of the rail traffic operation, can monitor the running condition of the whole line at a time, and ensure the continuous and efficient maintenance of the rail traffic line. To operate and deal with emergencies in a timely manner and make decisions according to information quickly. And so on, all these projects are important, and any system is a long, long-term operation, so the first goal of any signal device is to ensure a long-term and stable operation, and on this basis, other integrated functions can be integrated into the system to better improve itself. More development.

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