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How to choose the right POE power supply switch?

Release date:2018-01-09 Author:MR PAN Click:

       In the current market, there are many brands and complex types of POE power switches. When choosing switches, there are many factors to consider, such as working environment, redundancy, network management and non network management, future maintenance and scalability. Generally speaking, the choice of POE power supply switch needs to consider reliability, real-time, security, compatibility and so on.。


       According to the demand of practical application, we should pay attention to some other common functions when choosing POE power supply switch. For example, to distinguish QoS priority queues of different business data priorities, or to facilitate network fault diagnosis of port mirroring functions. But it should be noted that not the more functional switches are applicable to every application environment. For example, routing functions and so on, often destroy the priority labels and real-time nature of data transmission. In the control layer and even the field layer, a large number of three level switching opportunities are used to raise the cost greatly, and at the same time, it also destroys the application characteristics of industrial Ethernet. Users should select appropriate functions according to their needs to purchase suitable equipment to avoid unnecessary waste.


       At the scene level, POE power switches only need to provide port connections, so there is no need to use complex functions of network devices. In the control layer, it is generally necessary to choose a network management switch unit that supports the function of ring network to build redundant networks, and provide effective diagnosis methods. For each control unit connection, an enhanced network management switch can be used to provide redundant connections and VLAN division. When you need to connect to the information layer network, you should use the three level switch, such a complex device. From simple PoE switches to full-featured POE power switches, from 100 trillion to Gigabit, you can make specific choices according to your needs.

      At the same time, in the process of selecting POE power supply switch, users should choose appropriate twisted pair or optical fiber interface according to the basic requirements of transmission distance, transmission bandwidth and so on. In connection with some devices such as video terminals and wireless base stations, switches with PoE Ethernet power supply function can be selected for wiring convenience. These requirements are relatively intuitive, only need to pay attention to the corresponding indicators when selecting the type, so we will not discuss in detail here. In addition, if mobile devices are encountered or some special occasions are not suitable for laying cables, users should also consider the use of wireless industrial Ethernet devices. Different from the wired network, some other complex factors need to be considered, which need to be discussed separately.

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